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Newcomers, Old Timers, All Are Welcome

Dear all,
Please find our December schedule below.
Highlights are listed first, followed by special events, save the dates, and details on regular programming.

A Prayer for Peace

By the blessings of Enlightened and Compassionate ones,
By the power of my positive actions of three times,
And my prayers of pure aspiration,
May wars, conflicts, epidemics
And all other maladies dissolve in this world,
And may the earth and all who live on this earth enjoy the abundance of wellbeing,
May all learn to live lovingly with each other.

Ringu Tulku
Bodhicharya e.V. Berlin, 24 February 2022

We have opened Sangha Meetings
for In-Person attendance!

You are welcome to attend Sangha in person or virtually.

Virtual Sangha Meetings

We are also holding virtual Sangha meetings.
Click here to join.

See detailed calendar in "Sangha Schedule" section below.

Compassion in Action
☸  Blessings Box DC  ☸
A PDC – KDC Sponsored Venture

PDC – KDC is the sponsor of the Capitol Hill Blessings Box
(The Blessings Box is a Little Free Pantry Project)

Located on 14th St SE, just below E St.
Click here to view / download the Blessings Box Little Free Pantry brochure.
If you would like to be a donor or a volunteer, email:

PDC's December Dharma Schedule

Seminal Teachings by Lama Chödron

Meditation Lab with Lama Chödron
Usually first two Sundays of each month 11am to noon.
Check "Regular Sangha Schedule" below.

We will explore how to put a variety of traditional meditation techniques and instructions into practice, spending a few weeks on each one. Open to all, drop-in friendly, newcomers welcome at any session.

Email for more information.

Many of you have had the opportunity to be taught by Lama Chödron and know what an inspired and inspiring teacher she is. Read her bio.

Follow Lama Chödron on her beautiful blog site: Click here.

Regular Sangha Schedule
Sundays, 11am – 12:30 or 1:00pm

Meditation Lab and Practices of
Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha, and Short Amitabha Practice
With Medicine Buddha and Amitabha practices,
we support those who are sick and who have died.
Medicine Buddha (prayers for the sick)
Amitabha (prayers for those who have died recently)
Practice starts promptly at 11:00 so that we have time for everything.

Note from Lama Chödron about the Meditation Lab sessions:
Dear friends,

Just a reminder that beginning this Sunday, October 1, from 11am - 12:00 noon, Meditation Lab will be devoted for the next couple of months to study and practice based on The Great Path of Awakening (my personal desert island book) by Jamgon Kongtrul, which is the context for the wisdom and compassion meditations we've been focusing on this summer.

We'll spend about half the time on study and discussion, and half in guided meditation based on the meditation chapter of the book.

If you want to join us and don't have the book, below are a couple of links to buy it. It's fine to participate without having the book, but I recommend it to everyone who is interested in the Mahayana Buddhist path. The Great Path of Awakening is one of the most important foundational texts of our lineage, plus it's short, pithy, and practical, based on 52 root slogans for bringing our practice into daily life, such as "In daily life, see everything as a dream," and "Be grateful to everyone."

KTD's excellent Namse Bangdzo bookstore (it's on sale now): (Click here.)
The convenient giant monolith: (Click here.)

At our October 1 session, we'll talk briefly about the context of the Great Path of Awakening, and dive right into the first two sections: the groundwork for practice (the four thoughts and guru yoga), and the practice itself, the same meditation we've been doing for the last few months: ultimate (wisdom) and relative bodhicitta (love and compassion, taking and sending meditation).

Best wishes,
Lama Chodron

December 3: Lama Chödron teaching via Zoom
(For Zoom, click here)
11:00 – Noon: Lama Chödron will join us for Meditation Lab
Noon – 1:00: Practices for Compassion, Healing, and prayers for the recently deceased

December 10: Lama Chödron teaching via Zoom
(For Zoom, click here)
11:00 – Noon: Lama Chödron will join us for Meditation Lab
Noon – 1:00: Practices for Compassion, Healing, and prayers for the recently deceased

December 17: Meditation via Zoom and In-Person
(For Zoom, click here)
Practices for Compassion, Healing, and prayers for the recently deceased
Followed by Meditaton Lab.
All in English -

December 24: No Sangha Christmas Eve
No Sangha meeting December 24


Saturday Morning Mindfulness 10:30 am – Noon

Saturday Morning Mindfulness is Online and In Person.

Zoom Link

To inquire about continuing Saturday Morning Mindfulness meetings
email us at

In Person @ Capital Hill Presbyterian Church
201 4th Street, SE   (4th and Independence Ave., SE)
      See church web page »       See map »


Recommended Online Teachings by:

Guru Vajradhara the 12th Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Jamgön Kongtrül Rinpoche
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

More details – click here.

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Welcome to Palpung Drupgyu Chödzong
a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Washington, D.C.

Palpung Drupgyu Chödzong, formerly Kagyu Drupgyu Chödzong
is a Tibetan Buddhist Community in Washington, DC.
We are located at 1519 D Street SE, Washington, DC.

We welcome anyone who is interested in study and practise of meditation
and Tibetan Buddhism.

Palpung DC formerly Kagyu DC
maintains a dharma center on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

We have regular meditation & chanting weekly as well as visiting teachers
and scholars and an ongoing lecture series. See Events for current listings.

For more information
contact us at 202 302-3865
or or email us at

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