Prayer for World Peace and Welfare

The three jewels and three roots,
Trustworthy source of refuge, and in particular the lord of snow,
Avalokiteśhvara, Jetsün Tara and Guru Padmasambhava,
I supplicate you; please follow your previous pledges!

Bestow blessings that this aspiration prayer may be fulfilled most perfectly!

Due to the degeneration of times when thoughts and deeds of beings are perverted
and the inner and outer elements have lost their balance,
men and cattle are seized by epidemic disease previously unheard of;

Intruding rāhus, nāgas, powerful demons and dark forces, blight,
frost and hail, bad harvest warfare and so forth,

Erratic rainfall, heat, misery and droughts in the world,
destruction by the elements such as earthquakes and the threat of fire,

And in particular barbaric offenses causing harm to the teachings are rampant.

May all types of harm and injury around the world be swiftly pacified and overcome!

May precious and supreme Bodhicitta spontaneously arise in the mind streams of all beings,
human and non-human, and may they be free from destructive thoughts and deeds!

May all be endowed with a loving mind for one another
and may well-being, glory, and prosperity prevail throughout the world!
May the Buddha's teachings spread far and wide and ever last!

By the truthful power of the three roots, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
by any root of virtue existing in samsara and nirvana
and by the power of our perfectly pure, highest intention,
may the fruition of our supplication and aspiration be attained!

This prayer was composed by Jamgön Kongtrül Rinpoche for the peace and welfare of Tibet. In order to suit present times, Lama Thubten Nima changed certain wording, such as the reference to the whole world instead of only to Tibet.
Translated by Ina Bieler in December 2007, Copyright © The Garchen Institute 2007.

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